Bitter Sweet Shit
I’ve been thinking, a dangerous occupation for me, but I’ve been wondering what I love most about my groups. The main one being CHI. All I have to do is scroll down the wall. It’s very apparent how much the members feel about each other. It’s heartwarming to see how they greet new members, make them feel welcome, introduce themselves. I sigh contented with a smile on my face as I continue to scroll. Still wondering what I love about the group, it’s is staring me in the face, but I’m still scrolling. There’s post after post after post. As I stop scrolling, it then dawns on me. It’s the members!!! it’s the members I love the most about the group. Yeah Charlieโ€™s part of the love, but first and foremost it’s them that matters.
That got me thinking about the event comic con in Houston. The amount of fans who are willing to support those who were abused and treated badly is amazing. You should be proud. As should the other fan sites who shared Charlie’s statement. Thank you to those CH fan sites..
I do however find It disappointing that certain fan sites “Echarliehunnam & Everything Charlie fan page, didn’t bother. Why was that, because it wasn’t delivered by him on a golden platter, I wonder? They are everything a fan site shouldn’t be. They spouted on about bringing the fandom together, this was their chance to stand by their word, they didn’t. Says it all really. I may not be perfect but when CH fans and Charlie need support they know where they can come to get it and it’s certainly not those fan sites. Even Charlie knows, clearly. I can’t say I blame them really, keeping a low profile I mean. Especially after the abuse via her potty mouth, she gave fans over Twitter. Yes, I imagine they feel pretty stupid right now. I would if I were them. Who would want them to represent anything with that attitude
They spouted shit about ME dividing the fandom, when in fact it’s THEM. Their lastest action or lack of it just proves that. Iโ€™m proud that one thing people learn about me is that I don’t lie. I have no reason to. I’m not perfect by any means but lying is something I don’t do. I was actually very touched by messages I received after their open letters. I Thank them for that, without those letters I’d have never meet the good friends I have now. Can we say backfired? For the love of God, I wish they would grow up. Btw this isn’t bullying, it’s saying it as I see it. Which I’m entitled to do.

I got heads up a site over IG altered the coloring and added credit to their own site, that made me laugh….
1) because the watermark could still be seen.
2) The statement came via Charlie and, his management. That being said, credit however doesn’t matter in this case. It’s not about who got it first, who posted it first, all that doesn’t matter. Its about Charlie setting the record straight. But I will say, if you’re going to try and steal and claim as your own, try harder and not with something that came via him and his management lol. Regardless Thank you for sharing it. I do appreciate that as will those that suffered at the hands those morons at the weekend.
So I’m feeling bitter sweet, I love to see the CH fandom come together when needed and disappointed in those that clearly have a lot of growing up to do. Heck even LSA members had some sympathy for the fans. Beth however had to pick up on couple spelling mistakes *sigh*. However, I  can’t knock her for that. My spelling, grammar  can be terrible at the best of times. My pet hate however is YOUR & YOU’RE. I have great pleasure in pulling my man up when he does it ๐Ÿ˜‚. We have become very lazy when it actually comes to thinking. When was the last time you actually wrote something, with pen and paper? I do charting at work at the end of every shift, but I guess it won’t be long before everything becomes computerised, like all hospital here. Damn I don’t even write a shopping list anymore, I tap it into my notes. 

Enough rambling it’s time for coffee and a doughnut.


Till my next rant Au Revoir !


  One thought on “Bitter…….Sweet……..

  1. June 5, 2016 at 9:25 pm

    Well said! I saw that Everything Charlie Hunnam did not post his apology letter. How hypocritical! EVERYTHING Charlie, they are not. That was disrespectful to Charlie and to his fans.They said they would not post anything from you, ever. Being that you are the connection Charlie has with social media, that was a selfish thing to say. With her following, she had a responsibility to his fans, as he requested. Charlie Hunnam’s Hair did not want to retweet your post either, but at least they retweeted the Pedophiles, I mean the Sutterphiles post. Everything Charlie showed true colors without any help from any of us!

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  2. June 5, 2016 at 2:45 pm


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