Scones or Scones

Its raining here in the UK. Bloody June and rain, rain, rain! We Brits always moan about the weather, in case you’d not noticed. But seriously this is summer. A want a tan, a tan always makes one feel better about themselves.

I decided I should cheer myself up, with maybe Scones, butter, jam and clotted cream. Great big fat ones, oozing with cream. As I sit salivating, fighting my conscious and thinking of reason I deserve the treat. I hear the football in the background. Before I know it I’m in the kitchen making coffee. Then BAM there they sit…….calling my name. It would be rude to ignore them.

So so now I sit, filling my face with scones, cream and jam. My own private little cream tea.

How do you eat yours?



  One thought on “Scones or Scones

  1. kkaren
    June 16, 2016 at 4:29 pm

    Ohhhhh, those look so good. I shouldn’t eat them at all, but if I did, maybe with Tina “on the side” next to me and a nice conversation on a rainy day. Axl and Fudge waiting for crumbs to drop! ❤️


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