To My Haters


To My Dearest Haters,

Firstly I’d like to say, THANK YOU.  If it had not been for your your passive-aggressive verbal abuse and your harsh judgments of me and my life, I never would have realized your opinion of me doesn’t matter at all.

You clearly will always be unhappy with everything I say or do, because, well I guess you’re just an unhappy person. There’s nothing I can do to change that, and it isn’t my responsibility to even try.

You thought all your spiteful nasty jibes and comments against me would weaken me, shatter my confidence and ruin my credibility, but they didn’t.

What you did do, was reveal your insecurity, your envy, and your resentment. In trying to assert your dominance, you’ve proven yourself to be weak and a coward. That is pathetic.

You know, I thought I was weak but I’m not. I am stronger than ever because of what you put me through the past years and weeks.

I assume you’ve heard of the universal law of reciprocity?

“you reap what you sow” You will suffer the consequences of every action you have made towards me or someone else, whether it be good or bad”.

Please remember that.

Surprisingly I don’t and have never wished you any harm. In fact quite the opposite. I hope, for your sake you turn things around, that you find your purpose in life,  and turn away from the  bitterness that social networks can bring.

Life is too short to spend it being angry with me or indeed the world. Other people are not to blame for your problems. When you become an adult, you are responsible for what you say do and your own quality of life.

If I were to bump into you now I would tell you that you are loved, and you have gifts and talents that you’re supposed to share with the world. Instead of focusing on what others have that you don’t, nurture your talents. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else, they have their own lives and talents to share.

Please remember this, everyone is too important to waste their lives being bitter and hating.


The one you love to hate

Tina Lou

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